LISTA RACING TEAM skins for the F3 carset Brabham.

the Lista Racing Team was a team of four swiss racing enthusiasts founded in 1968 who raced formula vees in the beginning. these skins represent their HAS3 cars of the 1969/70 season. driver portraits and descriptions are from an old team info.
the skins come in a package of four, feel free to choose whose car you'd like to drive.

oh, and btw: the skins also work nicely with the european F2 carset brabham.

Markus Hotz.

the understatement type, packed with lots of energy. constructor of the HAS and Horag cars, type 1 to 7.
has never stopped racing, today he drives a March 762 in historic events.

Bruno Wettstein.

the humorous one.
has quit racing in the late 70s.

Fredy Lienhard.

a man with ideas and ideals, generous, knows what he wants.
quite well known sportscar racer, has won the Daytona 24 hours in 2002.

Oscar Pfister.

lots of temper, the Regazzoni-style guy.
has raced until the mid 80s, F3000 in the swiss championship. still enjoys a couple of fast laps on track days.